If you need an introduction to what Second Life is and how to use it for business, please see our videos page.

What we can do for you:

  Get executives up to speed with training
  Build places and experiences
  Sell your products
  Get your message out

Promote your company in SL and then work with the media to get coverage/stories on what you are doing. You need need to get things done in SL and that is what we are here to do. Your focus can be on your business objectives instead of the technical or social issues inside second life.

We can personally train your executives or clients and get them past the "purgatory" of having to do the 4 tasks before getting to the real second life. This is the biggest barrier to Second Life usability and the biggest reason most people give up on Second Life. We totally eliminate that requirement.

 A few ideas


Give away free promotional items that will keep your brand or message in front of users.


Have a store where you can sell your products or services or present your ideas. The store can link to your website or ecommerce portion of your web site.


Have a contest to find hidden items in the world with some sort of prize in the SL or real world.


Produce promotion video exclusively from in SL to promote the SL experience on your web site.  Placement of your company/product in a booth at our tradeshow area, to be launched August 2007.


Have events to communicate to a specific target audience.

 We are involved with several really big projects but can't show anyone yet. Stay tuned!

Here is some of our work:
Note: In order to see the examples  below, you  need to have Second Life software installed. If you do not have it installed, please click here to Join Free and Install software.

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas
Site of the JFK assassination. A virtual reproduction of a real place in Second Life.
Visit Downtown Dallas Dealey Plaza in Second Life

more pics of Dealy Plaza project

Office for web site development company
Web site posters link to web sites, message board updateable via web site
Visit in Second Life

A networking area Beach sponsored by

Beach is full of atmosphere and surprises. It also has the RSS feed.
Visit eaccountable Beach in Second Life

Wellgo USA Retail Area
Mall type retail setup for Real Life DVD product sales, with video and links to ecommerce.
Visit Wellgo USA in Second Life


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